ThreeJars Daily: Deck The Halls…Without Going Broke

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Deck The Halls…Without Going Broke

These decoration ideas are so easy and inexpensive to make, they’re guaranteed to spread holiday cheer.

By Laura Himmelein

Twinkling Tea Lights
What you need:
Small holiday cookie cutter (or traceable ornament) about 2 to 3 inches high
3 or more 6-inch paper bags in green or other holiday color of your choice
3 or more tea lights
What to do:
1. Using a pencil trace the cookie cutter or ornament on one side of the paper bags.
2. Cut the shapes out with scissors.
3. Open the bags and place a tea light inside.
4. Display on a mantel, dining room table and/or anywhere else you wish; light and enjoy the festive glow.
Safety note: never leave lighted candles unattended.
Celebrate It! Paper sacks (3 ½ x 2 x6 ¼), $2.99 for 16,
Tea lights, $1 for 16,

Snow-Dusted Wishing Branches
What you need:
Several branches gathered from your backyard
Craft glue (such as Elmer’s)
White glitter
10 to 15 shipping tags (2 ¾ x 1 3/8)
Red satin-poly ribbon, cut into 10 to 15 11-inch pieces
What to do:
1. Clean off branches and remove any stray leaves.
2. Squeeze several drops of glue to the tips of each branch and to any crevice where the branch splits, then sprinkle with glitter and let dry. (The idea is to place the glue and glitter wherever snow might catch.)
3. Using a rubber stamp (as shown here) or a red marker, write holiday wishes onto your shipping tags. We chose “Joy.”
4. Remove the white cord tied to the shipping tags and replace with the red ribbons.
5. Place the branches in a large vase, decorate with your “wish” tags then place on a mantel or side table or use as a centerpiece.
Sulyn white glitter, $1,
Avery Shipping Tags (2 ¾ x 1 3/8), $5.49,
Offray ¼-inch red poly-satin ribbon, $.50 for 10 yards,
Note: Leftover ribbon and shipping tags make perfect gift tags for your holiday presents.

Shimmering Silver Leaves
What you need:
Various fallen leaves gathered from your backyard (or evergreens if you live in a warmer climate)
Silver metallic spray paint
What to do:
1. Place leaves between the pages of a heavy, hardcover book and leave overnight to press out any wrinkles.
2. Set your leaves on a drop cloth and spray paint outside or in a well-ventilated room or garage; let dry and repeat on the other side.
3. Once dry, use them all over the house as silvery festive decorations: String them up using white thread to create a garland or curtain; tape them on windows, sprinkle them on mantles around candles or a holiday arrangement, use them as place settings or dress up a serving platter—the ideas are endless!
Rust-Oleum Metallic Aerosol Paint, $3.99,

Laura Himmelein is an editor and writer in New Jersey who also runs Party Cake, Party Cake, a business that specializes in creating handcrafted cupcakes, crafts, and sweets.


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