ThreeJars Daily: Tantrum Tamers From Moms Who’ve Been There

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Tantrum Tamers From Moms Who’ve Been There

Calm in-store meltdowns—and teach your child an important money lesson—with these real-world tips from moms.

By Nicole DeCoursy

“I say, ‘It’s not on our shopping list and we only buy what’s on our list.’ End of discussion. I started using this line as soon as my kids were old enough to start asking for things. It’s been a lifesaver!”
-Megan Zadig, Stoneham, MA

“I used to be more self-conscious about it, but I think we’ve all been there—at least any mom that’s being honest about it! I’ll do a “time out” right in the store and my two girls just sit for a few minutes. If you asked me what I would’ve done with my first child, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I bartered and begged.”
-Lorraine Ruganis, New Hartford, NY

“If you give your child a small allowance then they are in charge of when and what they buy. My two kids are welcome to buy whatever they want with their allowance. If they didn’t bring their money, oh well, next time. If they don’t have enough, then they need to start saving.”
-Emma Melo, Louisville, KY

“Sometimes what I do is let my daughter have the item to hold (as long as it’s not breakable) until she inevitably gets tired of it and moves on to the next thing. I also try to have something else ready to give her from my bag, such as a toy or a snack. Or if a salesperson is nearby and she isn’t busy, I’ll ask my daughter to hand over the item—often another person holds more sway in these situations than I would.”
-Adriana Lubarsky, East Setauket, NY

“When my son wants something in the store, I usually say something like, ‘Wow! That is a really cool toy. I’m going to tell Grandma you like it and maybe she will get it for you for Chanukah or your birthday.’ And then we move onto something else. Usually that works.”
-Heather Welkes, Port Jefferson Station, NY

Nicole DeCoursy is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Westchester, NY with her husband, two boys, and three cats. Her work has been published in Redbook, Parenting, and Weight Watchers Magazine.


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