ThreeJars Daily: 5 Brilliant Uses For Silly Bandz

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5 Brilliant Uses For Silly Bandz

The fad has faded and now you’re swimming in a sea of discarded Silly Bandz that you spent a small fortune on? Stretch your dollar and repurpose them into these fantastic elastic creations.

By Laura Himmelein

Illuminating Lampshade
What you need:
White or pale-colored lampshade
15 + Silly Bandz (depending on size of lampshade)
Glue gun and glue sticks
What to do:
1. Using a glue gun, secure a colorful selection of Silly Bandz to the inside of your lampshade and let dry.
2. Place lampshade on lamp, turn on light and watch the colorful 3D glow of the Silly Bandz radiate through the shade.

Kid’s Fun Strummin’ Guitar
What you need:
4 4x6 unfinished wood craft frames (glass and back removed). Or recycle ones you already have!
4 paint stir sticks
Craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks
Paint and glitter glue, optional
16 Silly Bandz
What to do:
1. Place your frames backside up and glue the ends of each paint stir stick to one end, on the short side, directly in the middle. This will be the body and neck of your guitar.
2. Have kids paint and decorate guitar with glitter glue.
3. Once dry, place 4 Silly Bandz around the picture frame, lengthwise, and let kids strum away.

Rubber Banded Window Planter
What you need:
Recycled soup or veggie can, cleaned and with label removed
Sand paper
Approximately 50 Silly Bandz
Glue gun
What to do:
1. Smooth out any sharp edges at the opening of your can with sand paper.
2. Using a handheld can opener, puncture one or two small drain holes through the bottom.
3. Place a small drop of glue on one side of your can, along the bottom edge; repeat on the other side.
4. Slide a Silly Band over the can, where you’ve just applied the glue.
5. Repeat steps #3 and #4 until the can is completely covered with bands.
6. Fill halfway with potting soil, plant with a fresh flower or herb, and place in window.

Silly Sock Puppet
What you need:
2 buttons
Glue gun and glue sticks
15+ Silly Bandz
What to do:
1. Place sock on hand to establish where the face will be.
2. Remove sock and using a glue gun, attach buttons to form the eyes.
3. Cut each Silly Band; gather and knot at one end.
4. Using scissors cut a tiny hole above the puppet’s eyes, where hair should be.
5. Turn sock inside out and feed the ends of your Silly Bandz through the hole; glue gun the knotted end to secure at the opening.
6. Turn the sock right side out and rock out with your zany-haired sock puppet!

Crazy Colorful Napkin Rings and Place Cards
What you need:
Approximately 22 Silly Bandz
4 cloth napkins
2 sheets card stock
Craft glue

What to do:
For the napkin rings:
1. Cut 2 Silly Bandz and set aside.
2. Take 4 Silly Bandz and secure together by tying one of the cut bands around them; snip off ends and repeat until you have four bunches of Silly Bandz.
3. Lay out your napkins flat on a table; grab at the center and wrap with your Silly Band napkin rings.
For the place cards:
1. Take the short side of your card stock, fold over into a 3-inch flap.
2. Using scissors cut along the folded edge.
3. Cut this in half so that you now have two place cards.
4. Repeat steps #1 through #3 with the second piece of card stock.
5. Glue one Silly Band to each place card and label with guest’s name.

Laura Himmelein is an editor and writer in New Jersey who also runs Party Cake, Party Cake, a business that specializes in creating handcrafted cupcakes, crafts, and sweets.


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