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Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

Got bags of old toys and clothing you don’t know what to do with? Don’t dump them, swap them for something you want. Here’s how.

By Nicole DeCoursy
This non-profit is aiming to minimize waste by encouraging people to trade pretty much anything instead of trashing them. Join the mission by typing in your city and state on the web site to find your local Freecycle group. Become a member (it’s free) and you can see what items people want as well as post your own giveaways.
Instead of letting your old books collect dust on the shelf, get “new” books, DVDs, CDs, and video games for them at Just post titles to your “Have” list, and browse and add items to your “Want” list. Complete the exchange, mail your book in (you pay the cost of shipping), and wait for your trade to arrive.
Kids grow fast. Instead of buying them new duds every year (hello, expensive!), get them a box of gently-used clothes from this online swap for only $5 plus the cost of shipping. You can plug in the season, size, and gender you need to search available items. Once you receive your box, pack up some of your own kids’ clothes for someone else on the site.
Why are you holding on to that stroller or high chair when your kids have outgrown them? Unload your old gear on this site to earn points called “zoints” (no cash trades hands). Then shop the list of available goods or create a wish list—Zwaggle will alert you when the item you want becomes available.
This online library has over a million titles to choose from. Post all the books you’re willing to trade and order paperbacks you want to read. The books are free and yours to keep.
This site keeps it local: Find people in your area looking for the baby clothes, gear, toys, and maternity wear you might have to give away, and vice versa.

Nicole DeCoursy is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Westchester, NY with her husband, two boys, and three cats. Her work has been published in Redbook, Parenting, and Weight Watchers Magazine.


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