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5 Free Mobile Apps That Save You $$$

Download these free Apps to save on groceries, toys, meals, and more.

By Tara Rummell Berson

Sure your smartphone lets you make calls, send messages, and read the paper, but did you know you’re carrying around a money-saving gem? Here, five apps that’ll help you get instant discounts and manage your budget while you’re on the go. Now that’s smart.

1. ShopSavvy
(free for iPhone and Android):
Turn to this comparison shopping app when you’re at the store wondering if that’s really the best price for your kid’s favorite toy of the moment. Just scan the barcode with your phone and it quickly gives you in-store and online results letting you know where you can find it the cheapest (along with a map and an option to call the store directly).

2. Grocery IQ
(free for iPhone, iPad and Android):
Stay on top of grocery shopping with this app that allows you to add items to your list manually or by scanning barcodes with your phone’s camera. It organizes the items by aisle, and finds coupons that correlate with your list. You can either print the coupons directly from your phone or e-mail them to yourself and print them out before you go shopping (at any grocery store you want). Even better, have the kids do it for you! Share the list with your spouse so you both don’t end picking up milk and eggs on the way home.

3. Kids Meal Deals
(free for iPhone and Blackberry):
Get out of the house and feed your family for less by downloading this app. You’ll get instant access to a wide array of chain and independent restaurants offering promotions on kids meals wherever you are in the U.S. I just did a zip code search and found out that my kids can eat for free all day on Fridays at my local IHOP!

4. Groupon
(free for iPhone and Android):
The idea behind Groupon is there’s strength in numbers—discounts apply only after a preset number of people have signed on for it. There are deals on restaurants, theater tickets, massages, and more. The app prompts you to select a city, then shows you “Today’s Deal” (including how much it costs and how many bids are needed to make it happen), and you’re only charged after a certain number of people buy it. The savings can be huge, especially if you get all of your friends who might be interested to join that day. The app also makes it easy to keep tabs on previous Groupon purchases (i.e. $20 for 4 movie tickets at a certain theater)—which you can redeem via your phone—as well as ones you have your eye on.

(free for iPhone and Android):
Sign up for free on the site, add your online banking accounts, and then manage your money on the move! You can get real-time account balances and view recent transactions to help keep you from going over budget while you’re shopping. Plus, there are bill reminders, weekly updates that summarize your cash flow, and info on how you’re doing on specific goals--like saving up for that trip to the Caribbean—all good things to keep in mind when you’re contemplating splurging on another pair of cute boots you can’t live without.

Tara Rummell Berson is a freelance writer who lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband, two kids, and dog.


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