ThreeJars Daily: 4 Online Games That'll Raise Your Child's Money I.Q.

Money Management for Kids
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4 Online Games That'll Raise Your Child's Money I.Q.

It’s no secret that kids learn best when they’re having fun. So have them log on and play these free money games. They’ll have such a blast they won’t even know they’re learning about fiscal responsibility!

By Tara Rummell Berson

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure
For ages 8 and up

This online board game (created by T. Rowe Price and Disney) turns saving for a rainy day into an exciting enterprise. Kids can “earn” money by picking a goal (like buying a bunny for 130 “truffles”), then go on an adventure of shopping, taking on challenges, and answering questions that test their money smarts. When he’s done, he can smash open the bank to see if he’s made enough to reach his dream goal. Play alongside your child and learn a few tips on the journey!

Monopoly Online
For ages 7 and up

Sure, the board game has all those fun pieces and paper “money,” but kids will love this online “World” version, which lets them play against the computer or with up to three people. All your child has to do is click on the dice to roll, and decide his moves—and make the computer go bankrupt before he does! Your future real estate tycoons will learn that they need to collect more money than they pay out and improve their money counting skills, as well as how to build their own empire. Watch out Donald Trump!

Dollar Dive
For ages 5 and up

The U.S. Mint’s H.I.P. Pocket Change site has games for kids of all ages, but with a little help your 5-year-old will definitely be able to ace this one on his own. The goal is to help Plinky the Mint Pig rescue coins from the sea to buy enough sails to escape the dreaded sea monster! Simply click and release Plinky’s bubble to shoot at the coins or dollars that are floating by. Catching coins keeps the sea monster away. There are three different levels so I did the easiest one with my 4-year-old and he had fun watching the coins he collected add up to the $5 he needed to get the sail. Before you start the game, take out some coins and show your little one what each looks like and how much they’re worth so he’ll recognize them in the game.

Planet Orange
For ages 6 to 12

You know how Avatar was such as huge hit? With the Planet Orange game (created by ING Direct), kids create an astronaut name and avatar, and travel to four continents, where they explore activities that focus on earning, saving, spending, and investing. For example, my son and I blasted off to Orangeopolis where we learned about investing.
At the end of each area, there’s a quiz that allows you to earn Space Badges and eventually complete your mission. Kids can take breaks to hang out at their space station and use the virtual money they earn (called Obux) to decorate their station, dress up their avatar (there are lots of cute options!), or play games. But if they end up spending too much on frivolous stuff, there’s a consequence—like not having enough Obux to buy rocket fuel to jet off to another continent.

Tara Rummell Berson is a freelance writer who lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband, two kids, and dog.


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